ALL STARS ‘Spring Picnic’

We set up the Zen tent right next to the river and shady trees.

Rob serving a customer who ended up going for a safety orange Zen T!

Stickers + Accessories – the perspex stops everything from blowing away (genius idea Sergio!).

ALL STARS Trophies!

Zomaya! Undoubtedly one of the hottest EVO’s in the world.

Check out the pimp park! So awesome to see SUGA back in action.

Earlier in the week the weather forecast predicted rain for most of the week. It never came. It rained pretty hard on Friday, oh shit… MUD! I’m not religious, but I prayed that it wouldn’t rain!

Was such an awesome day. Perfect weather, perfect location, great people and awesome cars. Sergio, Claudio, Aleks and the ALL STARS team worked their asses off and the feedback has been so positive. Check out more pictures here, and also check some feedback here.

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