Alnico vs Ceramic Pickups

Just a quick little video to compare the tonal differences between the Artist STHL which has ceramic pickups (a humbucker in the bridge) vs my 1997 Korean made Fender Squier which has Alnico Pickups (single coil in the bridge).

Volume and tone pots on both guitars are all the way up. Same tuning and 8 gauge strings on both guitars. Exact same clean and slightly dirty settings on my Boss Katana for both guitars, absolutely no post editing.

There are a lot of variables in this video (different pickup heights, different guitars) but yes the vague point of the video was for me to figure out which sounds I liked better (on review I like the Squier neck pickup for clean and a bit of dirty and Artist bridge humbucker for a lot of dirty) so my next potential move might be to look for a single coil humbucker like a Seymour Duncan hot rail, Little ’59 or JB Jr. for the bridge of my Squier and an alnico pickup for the neck of my Artist STHL.

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