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Hung out with one of my faves today, young Kristi Jade Mclellan

We talked shit, it was deep as usual, after I got talking about me we talked about her. When I met K-POP 7 years ago I dropped a bomb of a question on her (thinking it would impress her): “So, what do you dream of when you put your head on the pillow at night?”, she answered without hesitation.

She wanted to be an Art Therapist.

For years I’ve been urging her to chase her dreams, but today we both had energy, we both bounced off each other, as good friends should. We decided to look up the word THERAPY. The dictionary reads:

“treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder”.

YUCK! What negativity! No wonder she’s had little to no luck getting her business off the ground. Sometimes you have to scrap pre-existing definitions and start your own. Here’s to Kristi’s journey to success. I’m in for the ride!

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