Yesterday I gave in to opportunity (lol). I dropped in to V-Sport out at Arndell Park (next door to Eastern Creek raceway) to fit up Tendy’s “spare” set of Brembo brakes.

I’ve heard a bit about V-Sport through the Golf forums (all good things) and the guys were friendly and the workshop was super clean and full of EVO’s (boss drives an X and the rest were 6’s).

Crazy rally evo driven by “Samantha”.

Tendy (his car is sporting a new black roof) came along to introduce me right and to keep me company during the install (what a champ!).

They had a really nice display room chock full of race toys.

Drool. AP Racing pedals.

The boys got working on my car right away.

Goodridge lines.

Brakes fitted.

Old brakes weighed twice as much as the new set-up (despite the new set-up being larger!).

I also picked up these goodies. A decent tyre pressure gauge for track days and some aerocatch bonnet pins which I’ll get fitted up soon.

The brakes are amazing. Where the stock brake pedal had a lot of travel and felt like mush these Brembos feel the exact opposite. If anything the brakes feel exactly the same as my GT-R set-up. I’ve got a track day at Eastern Creek next Monday so I’ll put the brakes to the test then!

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