Catchups with Chris

Chris’ C63.


Large Coffee.

Alaskan crab fritters + poached egg at The Pool Cafe.

Hey Chris!

I ran into Chris in Randwick the other day, but was with Mum and couldn’t stop to catch up. This morning I was on WhatsApp and he sent me a message asking if I was free for lunch. Usually I’d say no as I’d be too baked to be fucked, but these days I’m so quick to say yes to anything that gets me out of the house!

I met Chris many years ago through Indy So at IS Motor Racing. Indy built my R32 GT-R and Chris was the sales guy at ISMR at the time. We’ve been friends ever since. Over the years we’ve had MANY conversations about joining forces, but nothing has ever come out of it. It’s been over a year since we’ve caught up and today we found ourselves once again talking about projects we could work on together.

I’ve got a bit of a plan in mind that involves Dianne, Chris and I. Business ideas even… not that I love business, but business with these 2 could be really fun and rewarding as they both have in abundance all the things I lack, and vice versa, and we’re all working from home/for ourselves too.

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