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Spotted in Darlinghurst

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Goodbye Monkeys

Sold to Dav from Toymods.

I let both of them go yesterday (to a top bloke, Dav from the Toymods forums). I just never got the bug… pretty sure Dav will though!

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SE Quadangle

Check out the lines. It’s bizzare, love the looptail, love how the top tube connects to the bottom of the head tube.

Fluted seatpost is a nice touch, love the lightning bolt on the saddle too (can never have too many lightning bolts!).

The double down tubes are so cool. Awesome that they made a custom frame pad for it too.


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Keep It in the Family

Daniel Dittmar is off to Europe to live, what a legend! I wish him all the best, he’s gonna kill it!

As expected, bikes all over Dittmar’s house in Newtown.

All mine, needs a bit of a clean. Missing front brakes, rear rim is a little worn, rear tyre too but apart from that she’s just gorgeous!

I always knew I’d end up with an SE Quadangle one day. Yesterday I saw one rock up in my facebook feed and I knew right away it was Dittmar’s bike. Some dude had first dibs and I had 2nd, 2st dude fell through… sweeet the bike is mine! :)

Funny thing is I had eyes on it from the first time I met Dittmar in 2009 where he interviewed me for his magazine (the bike features in the article too), great thing about running a blog, check out the blog post here.

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Can’t leave it alone

So I bought a laminator.

Instant spoke cards!!!

Domo-kun be hangin out too.

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Now all it needs are some evil stickers

Grips and seatpost just came in, on they go!

You guys would not believe how awesome it rides! So so cool!

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Funny bike updates

I had bought some Tektro 559 long reach front brakes, they looked the goods. As soon as I went to fit them up I quickly realised they were still way too short to reach the 650C rim’s braking surface. Super bummed. I ended up having to fabricate a small piece of thick steel to make the stock front caliper work.

Still waiting on seatpost + grips!

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Frankenstein fixie chopper build


Banana Saddle.

Glittery red! :)

Chopper Bars.

Sissy Bar.

After a few beers. HAHA.

Had our first BMU Bike Night @ Zen last night. Wasn’t as busy as I had hoped, but it was a great night despite. More pics on Zen.

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Score! Cycling inspired T’s by local company Cycology. Nice quality, sketchy arty prints. Visit:

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New bike builds

Zen Garage Frankenstein Fixie Project Build Thread:

Gary Fisher Big Sur Project Build Thread:

Made in the USA.

Also found this on the side of the street in the city. Got excited when I realised it was a Gary Fisher, got disappointed when I saw the crappy front fork, then got excited again when I saw that the frame was made in the USA.

Not sure what to do with it, we’ll see!

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