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Tokyo Bike + Paramount Coffee Project

I’ve been meaning to check out Tokyo Bike ever since they opened up in Darlinghurst, this shop in Surry Hills being their 2nd store.

Hipster goods everywhere.

Can’t go wrong with Brooks gear.

Also finally tried Paramount Coffee Project. I went for the friend chicken/Japanese curry waffle. Waffle was good, curry wasn’t the best Japanese curry I’ve had (expected, really?!).

Nanami went for the steamed pork belly bun with apple slaw.

Finally checked out what the hype was all about. So many hipsters in the building I felt uncool. I went for the fizzy cold brew at Paramount and liked it, very subtle coffee aftertaste but the guys at Brewrista’s in Glebe still have my vote!

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NINJAS @ Zen Garage, one last hoorah!

NINJAS @ Zen Garage last night.

Back in 2011 when we first opened up we had the NINJAS over to bless our space (revisit that feature here). Back then we didn’t have our shop fit out installed, we basically had an empty space, so it seems fitting that we invite the NINJAS back one last time now that Zen is completely empty again.

As expected, seeing the space so empty stirred up a few emotions. Zen Garage is but a shadow of the space it once was, the logos on the walls are the only real remnants of Zen, and as strong as they are they don’t carry across that great Zen vibe without all the other goodies we managed to cram into our man cave over the past 3 years.

Like the first time, we ordered Pizza and again we had no table or chairs to eat it on, but the great company, conversation, food, tunes and beers helped get our minds off the empty space that once was Zen Leichhardt.

Soon after dinner we got the Pedalkhana going. A course which saw a fast slalom through the pylons, a slow and slippery figure 8 through some posts then a roll up a couple of down low ramps into the office through to a step drop off into the finish line.

The first round saw contestants use their bike of choice, the second round was much the same except riders weren’t allowed to set a foot down (if they did they were instantly disqualified). The third round levelled the playing field and saw all competitors use the funny bike!

View the full feature on Zen Blog:

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Return to Loftus (again)

Jing and Matt.

New XT brakes from MC Cyclery (thanks Ash!).

So strange to see new shit on such an old bike!

Post ride selfie (trying to put on a brave smile).

Last time I rode was 2 years ago. Unbelievable how time has flown (then again all I’ve been doing for the past 2 years is Zen!).

I met up with Matt Mead and Jing Li at Loftus, 3pm. I was prepared to die… and die I did.

After the first single trail section my thighs were burning. Such a bad sign! 1/3rd the way in I started to feel my lungs, but in a bad way! I made it up the first climb in my granny ring but stopping at the top was a bad idea. I got dizzy and almost threw up. From there on I walked all the big hills, something I’ve never had to do before.

Whilst riding I couldn’t stop thinking about having a cold fizzy coke… water just wasn’t doing it for me. By the end of the ride I had a bad stomach cramp. HAHAHA! SO WEAK!

I’ve got to keep it up, and ride again next Monday, otherwise today’s efforts would have been wasted. Got to thank Jing and Matt so much for going easy on me today. Legends!

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Reign at MC Cyclery


Dropped my Reign off to MC Cyclery in Maroubra for a brake bleed this morning (the shop is looking AMAZING!). Time to get back on the bike!

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Tuning the Zoomer

I got to work late today (oops) and boom, this is what I’m greeted by (PORN!!!).

Love Ryan’s bike, but Mikes CB was new to my eyes, so gorgeous!

Ryan had already removed the carb and was right into cleaning it when I got there.

Jet kit at the ready. I didn’t have a d-shaped pilot screw tool, and the screw was screwed in pretty tight. The boys persisted and in the end they took apart a fancy pen I found on my desk, made it D-Shaped and got it out. They then dremelled out a slit in the screw so we can use a flathead screwdriver to adjust it in future.

Carby back in, spark plug cleaned, old fuel drained and new fuel in. She started up pretty nice first go.

Mike and Ryan fine tuning the idle.

When I bought the Honda Zoomer off Paul many years ago, it never started nice (took a lot of work to get it going). After I was done modifying it to where it’s at today it started up even worse. I’ve always been meaning to take it down to the guys at Deus down the road to tune to carb but Ryan Lewis, the beautiful man that he is, suggested that he’d love to have a go, and that he did today!

The Zoomer now starts and runs beautifully. Riding it around the block was hilarious fun (as expected!). Ryan and Mike both had a go too, the grins on their faces on return said it all. Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get around to this! Next up, a full detail job, then maybe a photoshoot :)

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Ash White Photoshoot for Zen Garage




Another day another shoot! This time at mums place :) Behind the scenes shots on Zen:

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Reuben Hills

Walking around my old hood, Surry Hills.

What a spot!

And what the hell is that?!

I like it!

Reuben Hills. Whoo hoo! Yet another hipster style cafe serving up American comfort food!

How could we not order the chicken? Was so tender, juicy and tasty. Yum yum.

The blackbean and portk stew was hearty, really yummy.

Dropped past Outré Gallery and couldn’t resist buying myself this signed Shepard Fairey print. Cheap, and reminds me of a Japan trip many years ago where I saw it splattered all over the place.

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The boys at Ellaspede just sent a couple of T’s to Zen Garage (I love free shit!).

Ellaspede is made up of a dedicated team of industrial designers. Owned and operated by Steve Barry and Leo Yip, Ellaspede is a hub for motorcycle culture and creativity.

Visit Ellaspede:

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Harley-Davidson For the Love of Lids – Opening Night

My coverage of last night’s Harley-Davidson “For the Love of Lids” art show at Mary’s in Newtown is now up on Zen Garage. Was an amazing night hanging out with great people, great art, bikes, music, fried chicken, burgers and booze!


PS: The show ends on the 30th of this month, so be sure to drop into Mary’s Newtown (Mary St.) before it ends!

Group shot of all the Artists.

TJ Guzzardi’s helmet. So glad to have met this guy, he’s amazing (we featured him a while back).

Ben Brown’s wild piece. I’ve know of Ben’s work for YEARS. So glad to finally meet this guy too!

Nanami’s piece on the left and Lachlan Bruce’s larger than life helmet on the right.

Our menu for the night, lots of people braved the JD Shake! Personally I stayed on the Young Henry’s and highly recommend the Mary’s Burger (oh… and the chicken!).

Little Bastard, because live music rocks.

The crowd.

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Raise the Sun Fundraising Party @ Zen Garage

Quality Coffee.

That home-brew vibe.

Hearty food!

50+ bikes descend on Zen Garage.

Popo showed up.

Hey Lassie!


The crowd inside.

To help get Rising Sun Workshop off the ground we hosted a fundraising event at Zen Garage. The event brought the Sydney 2 wheeled community together for a ride, followed by quality Single Origin coffee, hearty food, beers, live bands, a raffle, a live Auction and even a burlesque show!

Loved having these guys over at the garage. Such a different crowd to what we’re used to, but that familiar great vibe. I took a few more photos on Zen.

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