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WTAC Logo Mocks

In the zone!

Getting somewhere!

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Dalrymple Racing Logo Design


Earlier mocks. David couldn’t explain why he didn’t like the first one. I prodded a bit. The guy’s into Heavy Metal. It’s something we share in common. Maiden, Slayer, AC-DC. I didn’t go as far as pushing the type like these bands but I got the horns in and Dave’s a happy man, me too as I like what came out in the end.

Initial concept. Still like this one, might use it for something else in future.

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Star Interview Foxy Asia Magazine – DIVINE


I got the word DIVINE tattooed under my left boob about 2 weeks ago. My best friend @justinfoxau had it tattooed on his arm when his father passed away. I loved the analogy of it, DIVINE after all the shit that almost killed you in the past. Our friendship means a lot to me because I feel like he molded me into the person I am today. Justin’s been a huge part in my transitioning and has mentored me in graphic design, so it’s been an honor to get a matching tatt. (No matter what we do, it’s always a fucking blast, we are as reckless as each other hahaha!!)

The last few years for me were pretty rough, I was in a really unhappy place. I’ve been able to break free from the rut I was so stuck in and I wanted to get DIVINE to mark the start of my new life alone. To new adventures!!


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#wearedivine #matchingtattoos #wecray #yolo

Crazy, right?! I have DIVINE tattooed on my left arm. The tattoo means a LOT to me, but Star truly does deserve the word with some of the shit she’s been through in life, and I’m honoured that I mean so much to her. We booked in to Tora Sumi in Balmain, Eduardo Star’s tattoo artist was an awesome dude, Star took the needle like a champ and she’s so ecstatic with the end result!

More photos:

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Nanami got invited to be an MTV IT Girl leading up to Curvy, SO RAD! She so deserves all these awesome opportunities she gets. As usual Nana was nervous and a little anxious (I’m no different despite how many times I do talks or have to get in front of the camera), so she asked me to come along for support, and to also take a few behind the scenes shots. Turns out one of the other IT Girls was Ainsley Hutchence of Sticks & Stones Agency who featured a Cacia Zoo x Jess shoot of mine a while back. Was super rad to meet her!

Was a horrible grey windy and rainy morning. Sydney’s turned, hard, over the past few days (no more beach!). We started at MTV Australia (nice offices!), where Nana was dressed in H&M gear, then got her hair & makeup done too. We had lunch, then headed to Nanami’s studio where MTV’s film crew did their thing (was great to watch them work and Nana killed it!).

Full Set:

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Chilli & Vanilla Sydney Box

Sexy as! Box was way bigger and heavier than expected!

Our design insert.

Design insert products page printed out real sexy, thankyou card too

Mia bomb!

This tea looks amazing!

Star and I got the first Chilli & Vanilla box delivered to us this week! Unboxing was super special for both of us, especially Star, who designed the insert inside the box.

Quality quality quality! We both just couldn’t get over the whole unboxing experience, it’s all just so cutely packaged and there was stuff in there that we had to break open right away, namely the marshmallows, which were awesome and the Pleasure chocolate bar which is sincerely other worldly, and definitely not something we would have found otherwise (likewise with every other product in the box).

For someone like me (the laziest busy person in the world), getting a box of amaze foodie goodies delivered to my door once a month would actually increase the quality of my life, both consuming the goods, and the goods looking great in my (empty) kitchen!

For more info on Chilli & Vanilla boxes, visit: http//

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Chilli & Vanilla Print Insert

Less is more?

Star and I are on a roll with design work for new startup Chilli & Vanilla!

Chilli & Vanilla boxes will include an A4 print insert which will describe the box contents. This mock-up threw Star into the deep end, but after some constructive to and fro this design has just been approved by the client.

For more info on Chilli & Vanilla visit:

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Chilli & Vanilla


Design Update: Some mock-up designs for Chilli & Vanilla, who are launching next month! Star (my design junior) has taken the helm on this job, and she’s been super happy that it’s not been car related!

Chilli & Vanilla encourage foodies to take a culinary tour around Aus. Sign up to get a box delivered to your door filled with select gourmet food made exclusively by Australian artisan producers.

For more info on Chilli & Vanilla visit:

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Lamspeed Logo Mocks


Late last year I took on Star as a junior and I’ve been consistently mentoring her ever since. We’ve been taking on whatever jobs we can get our hands on (it’s not about making money right now, but all about the experience!), and we’re really getting somewhere!

Check out this initial round of mockups (rough sketches) for Lamspeed Racing. We’re also working on an awesome foodie related job atm, refreshing for Star as she’s been mostly doing blokey design work lol.

If you need design work done, or know of anyone who does, feel free to get in touch if you like what you see.

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Zen Graff Snapback – BLK Edition.


I’m pretty excited about this hat. Yup. This hat gets me excited! I’ve been wanting to make an all black on black version of our Zen Graff Snapback for years now (along side our hoodie, it’s our best selling item), just haven’t had the funds (hey we’re grass roots and keeping up with stock demands on our staple Zen range is hard enough as it is!).

LESS IS MORE. Going all black was perhaps the easiest way to further refine a product that up until now, sells so well (and continues to do so). The Zen Graff Snapback has largely been unaltered since 2011 (the first 100 ever made didn’t feature the teal under-brim the snapback has today). I wanted this hat for me, but we’ve had to make a few to make it a reality, so they’re most likely going to make their way to the Zen SHOP soon (we added a new trucker hat design earlier today!).

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