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Logo mockups for RAIJIN FUJIN. I’ve taken inspiration from Japanese Family Crests, and have pretty much designed a family crest for my client’s kids Raijin/God of Lightning and Fujin/God of Wind.

My client surprised me with a ticket to Japan NEXT WEEK! I’ll be flying with these guys to buy stock for the new shop! More on that later!

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Working on logos for a couple of cool jobs as of this week. One is for Dino Dalle Carbonare of Speedhunters who has a new YouTube channel that needs branding (check:, the other is for a new toy shop opening up soon in Kensington Sydney which will focus on Japanese stuff. It’s going to be called RAIJIN FUJIN (God of Lightning and God of Wind), both names connected to the 2 cool half Jappo kids of the soon to be store owner (so rad!).

Going to be hard to avoid not using glasses in Dino’s design. RAIJIN FUJIN is imagery rich. There’s a well used symbol for Raijin, but none for Fujin which sets me back a little, but incorporating wind/lightning in the logo should be the go!

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Old & New Japan 911 Sticker Design



Late last year I flew to Las Vegas to cover SEMA for Toyo. I took a photo of the Old & New Japan 911 and David from Import Bible Canada has turned it into an illustration, and now a sticker design. They look great! Find them in the Import Bible shop:

SEMA Feature:

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New Shopify ZEN GARAGE Online Shop


OMFG we did it! The all new Shopify ZEN GARAGE online shop is live! Thanks Catalina Briceño for the lifestyle shots. All the product shots need to be re-shot ASAP (that’s my job!), text descriptions need love too, but I’m so glad it’s live!

Free shipping on all orders over $100 for now (one thing we’ve been meaning to implement for ages but couldn’t with the last shop software).


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Chilli & Vanilla Update








Caught up with Dianne yesterday and it’s so good to hear that her new Food Subscription Box venture Chilli & Vanilla is doing well. She’s onto her 3rd Food Box already. Time flies!

She’s running with the templates Star and I designed, check out these photos of all the latest box inserts which Di designed herself. Her branding is all looking so awesome together!

Her web site is looking good too, visit (and buy yourself, or your Mum a box!):

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Catalina Briceno Logo Design


One on the left one on the left! She said yes!

I’m on a roll! I started out grungey, but ended up clean (because less is more!). I looove the one on the left! It’s sexy as, and Cat loves it so I’m double happy (first logo anyone’s ever done for her without curves she says!).

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New ZEN x TOYO R888R collab design.

Because 8’s my number!!! I’ve placed a small sticker run on order with Nippy, but I kinda need this on a T too though. Will see if I can make that happen!

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WTAC Logo Mocks

In the zone!

Getting somewhere!

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Dalrymple Racing Logo Design


Earlier mocks. David couldn’t explain why he didn’t like the first one. I prodded a bit. The guy’s into Heavy Metal. It’s something we share in common. Maiden, Slayer, AC-DC. I didn’t go as far as pushing the type like these bands but I got the horns in and Dave’s a happy man, me too as I like what came out in the end.

Initial concept. Still like this one, might use it for something else in future.

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Star Interview Foxy Asia Magazine – DIVINE


I got the word DIVINE tattooed under my left boob about 2 weeks ago. My best friend @justinfoxau had it tattooed on his arm when his father passed away. I loved the analogy of it, DIVINE after all the shit that almost killed you in the past. Our friendship means a lot to me because I feel like he molded me into the person I am today. Justin’s been a huge part in my transitioning and has mentored me in graphic design, so it’s been an honor to get a matching tatt. (No matter what we do, it’s always a fucking blast, we are as reckless as each other hahaha!!)

The last few years for me were pretty rough, I was in a really unhappy place. I’ve been able to break free from the rut I was so stuck in and I wanted to get DIVINE to mark the start of my new life alone. To new adventures!!


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