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ZEN PODCAST #012 – Carmen Tyler

Carmen Tyler is an old friend and one of the first girls to get active on the JDM Style Tuning Forums.

We discuss her forum posts when she was 17, white guys who dig Asian girls, a whole lotta marriage, the stress of wedding planning and getting cold feet, discipline and not being able to hit your kids anymore, the sorry state of Sydney, Diving, sharks and aquarium keeping, travelling, depression, religion and much more!

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My 30 Day Facebook Ban has been lifted!!!

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ZEN PODCAST #011 – Milky Pixel

Milky Pixel is a Feminist, Gamer Girl and Twitch Streamer.

We discuss the wrong people in the right job, on EA Games screwing ZEN Garage over, on the use of the word ‘rape’ in feminist debates, gamer chairs, the importance of context, abusive relationships, sexual attraction, flirtation, Twitch, gaming, Jordan Peterson and much more!

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ZENPODCAST #010 – Alain Sihaphone

I hung out with Alain the other day, and man we had a HUGE day of talking shit, all of which we wished we recorded for a podcast. We spoke some more the day after too knowing that we had a podcast planned for today. A part of me was thinking holy shit… we’ve spoken about everything and maybe we’ll have nothing left to talk about on the podcast, but noooooo, we just hit it off and had many other things to discuss.

This time I was sober before we started recording and I think I did a MUCH better job of playing host in this podcast (IE: listening lol) as opposed to how I behaved on the last podcast with Jonno Sea.

We didn’t go so deep but we did go just as long. At exactly 2hrs in the doorbell rang and we decided to cut it there! We discuss family and growing up in Sydney with immigrant parents, making your parents your friends, working from home, red pill blue pill, taking risks, freedom, property, Meal Friends, the customer’s always right and contouring!

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RODE Microphones 10 Year Warranty



Not a massive fan of the RODE brand (I’m a Shure guy!), but their 10 year warranty is pretty damn impressive!!!!!!

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Monday Morning Rant

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Store DJ – ZEN podcast set-up

Love the Store DJ bag all the gear came in.

Gear came in 3 different packages over 2 days.

These Procaster mics are solid and pretty much the same in design as the Podcaster minus the extra USB bits.

The Rode PSM1 shock mounts feature black hardware, the blacker the better!

A touch of ZEN and we’re good to go!

The H6 is the heart of this setup. It’s a beast that will make all future group podcasts easy peasy.

I’ve introduced a screen to the show too so I can display internet stuff during talks. It’s connected right into the laptop as a dual screen (I can choose to mirror too if I like).

These Rode PSA1 arms aren’t cheap but they’re sturdy enough. One of them is already making noises though, could be because I live at the beach!



Getting there!!! There’s been a little bit of trial and error (in retrospect I would have avoided the USB only Rode Podcaster and just gone straight for XLR mics. But we’ve gotten there in the end, and the Podcaster isn’t wasted as it’ll still be used for solo podcasts.

All the gear was bought in the one place at Store DJ. I’m not at all affiliated with them but I thought I’d share.


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ZENPODCAST #009 – Jonno Sea

As soon as Gab had left yesterday the doorbell rang. Thinking Gab had left something behind I ran downstairs and opened the door to find Jonno Sea! The interview gear isn’t here yet but I managed to get a makeshift 2 mic set-up going to record our catch up.

I’m a dick when I’m drunk, but hey it is what it is!

We discuss marriage, pole dancing, the rise and downfall of his coffee shop Black Betty, dirty secrets, haters, potential, relationships, gender debate, taking risks, living in the grey, society and so much more. Thanks to Jonno for having the balls to come on the show!

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ZEN PODCAST #008 – Design Talk

In this podcast I do the intro part of an hour long motivational/inspirational design talk I do at design schools all over Sydney.

Note: This is the first video I’ve made with Premiere, which is a LOT more complex than iMovie that’s for sure! The video looks to be the wrong format, and the file has ended up being massive in size (making for a VERY slow upload). I’ve not bothered with any transitions as I couldn’t figure it out intuitively and there’s no intro or outro. I’ve tried to synch the audio track to the footage and it’s come out better than the previous iMovie vids in that regard but it’s still out of whack.

I’ll get there!

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You Don’t Want to be Me

Podcast #7 is up!

Guys who think I fuck every girl I shoot & married men sending me nudes of girls they’re banging on the side. I’ve been shooting girls for a fair few years now, and over the years I’ve gotten a LOT of messages from guys who tell me they want to be me. I’m hoping to debunk that a little in this rant.

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