Lance Mountain Reissue



I’m failing miserably at saving up money for spending on my Japan trip in September! These guys are horrible, they’re so awesome at pulling on the heart strings. How could I not buy this deck? It’s a reissue of the very first deck I ever bought, in the same exact colour too.

I bought my first Lance Mountain Future Primitive deck in the 80’s, back then we all installed rail guards, nose grabs and tail bones too. I hadn’t used a drill before, and totally destroyed my deck installing the rails with my Dads hammer drill (bahahah). The deck was way too big for me anyways (I wasn’t aware of mini decks at the time) and I wasn’t a massive fan of the graphics, but I really am now! Can’t wait to get it up on the wall (which is starting to look more like a collection of reissue 80’s decks!).

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