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Never underestimate the power of a phone call

So what’s with all this attitude at 42? Understandable if I was young, but telling the boss of an international brand that you think you love the brand more than he does sounds pretty damn arrogant, and that’s exactly what I said to Jose Angeles, the big man at Toyo Tyres Australia a couple of years ago during our first meeting.

Over the years I’ve developed an interesting relationship with most of my clients. It takes a lot for a client to take risks on me and allow me to work the way I want to work, because if you try to make me work the way everybody else does… well then there’s friction, and well, then basically nothing gets done.

I got a message from Nicholas Green yesterday. Nick has been a middle man of sorts in my relationship with Toyo. He simply asked for a Toyo update and I lost my shit.

It’s funny how much pressure we put on ourselves. It’s funny how much pressure money puts on me and how much pressure I put on money. In a time where I’m hyper aware of how little energy I have for anything but working on personal issues and gaming, I still wake up with ZEN and Toyo on the brain and if I scroll through my feeds, though there are less posts I still see ZEN and Toyo posts in the mix.

It’s this natural connect that is important to me and I love that Toyo and many other of my clients leave me alone to do what I like when I like, but for some reason, a simple question from Nick yesterday made me feel an immense pressure, like what I was doing wasn’t enough, like maybe we should just drop the relationship, like what the hell was I thinking?

It’s taken a few deep breaths, an apology, and a phone call to both Nick and Jose to calm me down. Thanks Nick, and Jose for being pillars and mirrors for me. I didn’t like what I saw in the reflection, but I’m glad I’ve seen it, and I’m massively grateful for the support.

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So I made a life choice yesterday

#lessismore – Gross right? But hey it is a part of me!

I cracked a tooth on my (not so) recent trip to Japan and I’ve been meaning to see a dentist since, but I’ve also been meaning to design more stuff for ZEN Garage, and logo design work for mates, and WTAC and renew my passport and check my email… you get the idea.

Nek minnit I get the sharpest most excruciating pain from the fucking tooth. My bad! I couldn’t sleep the night, but booked in with a local dentist the next day for 4PM (thank goodness they were willing to squeeze me in).

I got there an hour early, not smart as I could hear the fucking high pitched whirring of the dentist drill and that fucking hose sucker thing the assistant shoves in your mouth from the waiting room. I’ve only been to the dentist a handful of times since I was a little kid because I am fucking scared of the dentist. Tattoos, no worries? Dentists? They can go get fucked.

So I finally get ushered into this tiny room. The leather chair is all ripped up, like something out of The Matrix’s Nebuchadnezzar. This little old man says stuff but I don’t hear a thing. I’m pretty much paralised. I lye down, lady hands me some sunnies to wear, which was somewhat of a relief! I explain the cracked tooth, he says I’m a very naughty boy, and proceeds to give me 2 options:

1 – For $1300 I can have root canal surgery which would take 2 days. IE: Today and tomorrow.
2 – For $250 he could rip it out.

OK… so in the state I was in I didn’t understand either option. I had no time to think. It wasn’t the money that was an issue. I asked about health issue for pulling it out, whether there would be further complications down the line etc. He assured me there wasn’t and that my X-Ray showed I do have another tooth under there that could come out.

Not wanting to go through any more pain I opted for him to rip it out.

I tried to read his and her reaction, but I couldn’t read anything. Did I make the right decision?! Before I knew it the assistant handed the Dentist a shiny set of shiny steel pliers that look much like shit we use to work on cars with. He grabbed the tooth and started applying huge pressure, then started twisting the fucker clockwise, anti-clockwise until it came out.

That’s a real life horror movie right there.

So instead of cabbing it home I walked home as I felt fucked up and had to walk it off. The long walk (made worse maybe because of all the blood I was had to swallow en-route) had me thinking all sorts of shit. I felt old. Like the gummy oldies in The Simpsons. I was gummy, and this tooth in my pocket has been spinning me out. I mean, shit, WTF is that?! It’s so alien. I love it. It’s even got nerve ending on the end of it the little bastard. And now it’s out the pain has gone? Wow, just so trippy.


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Same same!

So KPOP and I hung out the other day and she read me out some of her poetry (lol we are such arty farts!), in turn I read out some of mine (which I wrote when I was 18). Was amazing how similar our styles were, topics too. I’m going to share some of my old stuff over social media over next few weeks. It’s super depressing, but it’s raw and I love it.

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When mum brings you treasures from your childhood

Mum dropped off these 2 books which I hadn’t seen since Marcellin College (year 5).

Blast from the past! I’m pretty sure I was meant to be bringing in a ‘proper’ book to class on reading days in year 5, but fuck it, these were the only 2 books I found interesting at the book store!

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Cave Hangs


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Hangs with Kristi



Tunes, D&M’s, Junk food, booze, weed, smokes, Youtube, Netflix and more D&M’s until Kristi crashed out on the couch.

Epic hangs with my good friend Kristi last night. Kristi’s the oldest person in the youngest body I know (she’s 23 and well capable of putting me in my place!). She’s always one step ahead of herself, sometimes I think she needs to grow ‘down’ some! K-POP no longer comes to me for advice, or a shoulder to cry on. She’s so aware of who she is now, and we’re such good friends that we just process our own problems through hanging out with each other every now and then and talking shit for hours.

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SO GLAD that Zen is not being sold in General Pants Co.

Thrills Scrambler sold at Zen Garage Leichhardt 2011.

We had contacts a few years back, and made moves to try and get our gear in General Pants Co. We hit a wall though and left it at that.

A little while back I had dinner with my relos and one of my aunties was wearing a Thrills T-Shirt. I asked her about it and she had NO IDEA who Thrills were, she just liked the design and bought it from General Pants Co.

Thrills are a small label from Byron Bay, think Deus, they were more a small bike gang than fashion label and they even approached Zen to sell their gear in our store when they were starting out (and we did sell some of their stuff in the end). So it was a surprise to see such a small young brand make it into General Pants SO quickly.

I’m just glad the people who buy Zen get it. And when I see someone wearing Zen I can wave, or beep my horn and get smiles and waves back. That FEELS good! I hate the idea of aunties and whoever wearing Zen, but not understanding what Zen is about. So here’s cheers to being unsuccessful with getting the Zen brand out there in the big shops. #fuckthatshit

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Ghost in the Shell

OMFG THIS LOOKS AMAZING. Probably always going to love the original anime way more (there would be no MATRIX, my fave film of all time, if there wasn’t Ghost in the Shell first!), but it looks like they’ve really lovingly re-created some of the original scenes. Love the whole CG feel. I’m SO pumped!

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Good Morning Amanda

Waking up to this is awesome, then reality kicks in…

Braindead as fuck right now, but Amanda and I click, and we’ve been D&M’ing lots despite me being super jet-lagged. Like the ouroboros, we’ve been trying out to figure out the meaning of life and stuff (lol!).

So refreshing to meet a girl who looks like Amanda does, but carries none of the usual negative associations. She’s not “just” a DJ, she’s not “just” a model either, she’s just a super rad human being (full stop really) who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and is fumbling through life like lots of us are.

I had “LIFE” written in bold in my calendar today. I woke up at 5am and was ready to go, only to realise phone service and shops were not going to open until 9.30AM so I tried to do as much online as I could, but it was soon apparent to me that without a phone you can’t do jack shit these days.

I tried to pay someone some money; internet banking now forces you to enter in a code that’s sent to your mobile before you can finish an online transaction. No mobile phone means no banking then! I then tried to cancel and activate cards online, again, the banking site sent codes to my phone so I couldn’t activate my cards remotely.

I then tried to get a new drivers license online. I got pretty far, but the final step required me to pay for a re-issued license by credit card, which I obviously don’t have just yet. Fail!!! /rant.

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Amanda is trying to figure out which country to move to. I’m trying to figure out how to get off the planet!

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