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The Division 2 Open Beta Impressions


I spent 1,953 hours on The Division 1. That’s a whole lot of hours on a game that’s stuck in what feels like December, Christmas time (a snowy city full of Xmas decorations).

I was always nervous about expecting too much from The Division 2 but one thing I was sure of was that they would take us out of a snowy NYC. I’ve avoided most YouTube videos to date and last weekend I dove into the Open Beta. I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on spending a few hours in the brave new world.

At first there’s an instant familiarity with the controls (I use a controller on PC). Walking slow to admire the world feels smoother now and the fantastic cover system is still there. At 4K and ultra I was only getting 30–40FPS so I ended up playing the Open Beta in 1920×1080 in full ultra instead for a solid 60FPS. The world is super colourful, and missing the spooky dark snowy NYC vibe, but it’s more packed with details like rubbish and overgrowth. I appreciate the slight boost in graphical detail over The Division 1 for sure.

Shooting feels more weighted. Recoil is savage on the controller and I like it. Many audio bits are lifted directly from The Division 1 which is a good thing. Panning out to get an aerial view of a newly discovered landmark feels a little Far Cry to me, but that’s nothing major, the same old audio collectibles and ECHOs are still here and just as boring as they were in The Division 1.

All in all I had a good time in the Open Beta. The Division 2 feels a lot like The Division 1, and that’s not such a bad thing though I was secretly wishing for more. I did encounter some bugs, specifically some AI glitching and skating. That really worries me as it’s crazy immersion breaking. I’m not so sure I like all the UI changes either. Going from a cleaner linework style UI to a more photographical UI makes everything look a little heavy. I would have liked to see a more tech/minimalist approach to the UI rather than the old UI tarted up to look new.

NPC’s still look really gummy, cartoony and fake to me, especially their faces but my main gripe is the NPC chatter. I hated it in The Division 1, mostly because it was repetitive at places you often hung around at like the Base of Operations. It’s worse in The Division 2, where random NPC’s yell out things like “Hey, there’s that Agent!” or “You’re the best, Agent!”, why is this dialogue always so cheesy and juvenile? It makes me feel like I’m meant to be 15yrs old to play the game.

I’m still on the fence about spending up to get The Division 2 when it launches on March 15th. I don’t feel any sort of urgency to pre-order it, but I do have an urge to go back into the Open Beta, which sadly ended yesterday.

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Ray-Ban Justin


These sunglasses have my name on them!

Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses inspired by Wayfarer, but with larger rectangle lenses and a really nice rubberised frame. They fit amazing and the rubbery frame finish feels nice on the face. Best of all I went for the polarised lenses! It’s been so many years since I’ve had some polarised lenses! I’m going to wear these to death!

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Australia Day/Mums B’Day

Indo food is mostly brown, even the desserts!

Happy Australia Day Mum! So awesome to see mum happy!

Love you Mum!

Karaoke even!


My brother from another mother Eugene dropped this off for me, his parents were doing a clean out and found my old Tamiya RC cars! UNREAL RIGHT?! Will do a proper shoot of these ASAP.

Happy Australia Day Mum!

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Make Up Co., Ltd. @ Raijin Fujin








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Raijin Fujin








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Rode Podcaster USB Mic

The mic Milky Pixel suggested has come in, stand too. Still waiting for the web cam! #wereaboutreadytorocksteady

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Warframe – unboxing limited edition collector’s statues





Merry Xmas to me! I took advantage of Warframe’s recent store-wide sale and bought the rest of the statues.

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Warframe Rhino Statue


So I’m obsessed with Warframe. I’d wear it on my chest but I’m a less is more kinda guy with what I choose to wear so instead I bought the Rhino limited edition collector’s statue as I’ve been a toy collector my whole life. 

The package got to Australia really fast, just over 2 weeks. First thing I noticed was the model was a lot heavier than I thought it would be be. You’d think it was made of metal, but is in fact some sort of hard resin (very nice). The hand painting is awesome (can’t help but feel sorry for the person/s who had to paint all of these!). The weapons all come separate so you have to put him together to display, but glaringly obvious to me was that his sidearm is on the wrong side!!! They must have gotten confused with the moulding process? IE: Similar issue with people who have shocking Asian words tattooed on their skin in reverse as the tattoo artist put the transfer on without first ‘mirroring’ the design.

The site listing suggested that I get some digital freebies with the statue but nope, nothing in email. I contacted the shop and they suggested I look in the box, nope, then they suggested I contact DE direct as the shop support was separate to DE support. I did just that, but then DE told me I should have gotten the email. Once it was made clear I had waited the right amount of time, and that I didn’t get the email, DE then sent me some codes to get my digital freebies (helmets and a noggle!).

So all is good in the hood!

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Raijin Fujin Shop Updates

How much is that Zaku in the window?




Signed by Andy Kubert!










I dropped in to Kensington, to see how the Raijin Fujin guys were going with their new toy shop and man it’s come a long way since I last swung by! They’ve got these awesome huge display cabinets in there loaded with just as huge sculptures. The shop is off to a great start!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Be sure to follow them for updates on when the shop will be opening!


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