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ZEN Playlist


Lots of new subscribers to the ZEN Playlist on Soundcloud. I’m glad people dig it. I’ve been working on it and to it for years and it’s always been a great motivator. Great vibes, downtempo beats, nothing too abrasive that you have to skip a song or turn it down. I’ve added a few new songs to the start of the playlist. Will try to add a new song a week!


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Sydney Ramos











Just going through my blog drafts and realised I never published these pictures. Photos from my last shoot with the amazing Sydney Ramos. Her body is unreal. She’s a smart cookie too. I could shoot her all day.

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Jordan Peterson offers some advice to a Q&A show questioner who says he can’t say anything without ‘the PC Brigade’ and ‘Greenies’ shouting him down as a racist or a homophobe.

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Banned off Facebook for 30 Days

Never put all your eggs in one basket, right?! I hate that I haven’t been able to control my Facebook Business pages, nor respond to the daily messages I get from Messenger as I’ve been banned for 30 days off Facebook. I’ve been here before, 3 times, maybe more, but it never gets less frustrating, nor any easier.

I’ve been replying to most messenger messages on Instagram. I can see the messenger messages but can’t reply, and when I log into Facebook it suggests that I’m actively on Facebook so I get a lot of messenger messages when I log in, even though I’m banned from replying. Sad thing is that direct private messages on Instagram tend to sit there dormant, until someone finally, months later, realises there was a message sitting in their Instagram inbox all along.

I’m over it, but I have no choice. Sadly I’m genuinely looking forward to being on Facebook again once my ban is lifted (another 12 more days now).

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Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil.

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ZEN SHOP update


ZEN Garage has officially changed hands. I’m now the sole owner, buying out Rob Green’s final share of the company. Anyone who dropped by our Leichhardt shop would know Rob. Anyone who’s ever bought anything from the ZEN Stand at EOMM or WTAC would also know of Rob and his daughters who often ran the stand. My deepest gratitude to Rob, and his family for their generous support and hard work over the years.

ZEN sniper Sam Law (300C-PO) has put his hand up to help out with the pack and send. He starts next week! Apologies once again for the delay in recent orders!

My next step is to tweak the ZEN SHOP to remove afterpay and other Shopify/social media widgets which try to make more sales by being annoying. I’ll also take a good look at how much every item costs to make, then adjust pricing with the aim to be fair and just.


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ZEN Tumblr is back!


More proof that it pays to invest into your own platforms than others. With thousands of my photographs flagged NSFW I figure it’s best to simply tear my photography tumblr down, but that’s been far from simple as removing the thousands of images hasn’t been easy. The tumblr mass editor only let me manually select and delete 100 images at a time. It’s taken me just under 1.5hrs to delete all my images dating back to 2014.


The ZEN Tumblr is all broken too. Many images of motorcycles and art have been flagged and there’s no easy way for us to delete all these flagged posts as lots of them are reblogs (we didn’t upload the original image). We’ve found a theme that allows us to embed our Soundcloud Playlist without either spitting out the code, or making the playlist restart every time you want to load more images. It’s a hack, but hey, hacking has always been the way forward, right?!


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