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We couldn’t care less for people who don’t get us.

If you were a fan before, but aren’t anymore, maybe we need a rebate bin or something so you can return your ZEN gear to us.

We’re much more keen on assholes unfollowing us and letting us post whatever we love, and sell what we want, whenever we want.

We are an anti brand, and always will be.

#itsokifyoudontgetit isn’t meant to be an attack on you, it’s simply saying that if you don’t like us it’s TRULY… OK! No pressure, no judgement! It’s all g! We ain’t forcing you to get us, nor are we upset that you don’t get us!


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Kurt x ZEN

If you’re a sexist, racist, homophobe or basically an asshole, don’t buy ZEN gear. We don’t care if you like us, we hate you.

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Hangs with Dom Wangan





SOLID hangs with Dom today. I’ve know him for what, 10 years? I’ve never once had a quality D&M with the guy, but I suppose I’ve never needed to as Dom ALWAYS come across as a big softy to me; always smiling ear to ear, always a cheeky monkey and a ladies man. When I was a kid I wished for a girlfriend, this guy wished for strength and honour or some bullshit, and no wonder he’s still single! I’m pretty sure we all know a mate like Dom, who just wants SO bad to be in love, but things have never really quite clicked into place for the guy in that department. Over the past 10 years I’ve seen Dom post about his quite obvious hunt for a soul mate over social media. His posts may come across as semi-desperate at times, but they’re always done with good humour, heart and above all I consider his posts as positive manifestations in any case.

Cheers for the hang Dom, and getting me out of the house! Thanks for letting me know that some mates out there think I’ve lost the plot a little with the frequency of my manic posts, even more thanks for realising that’s just me right now and that I just gotta do what I gotta do!

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Trent Grubel





I knew this kid was going to be something amazing. I met young Trent 5 years ago. He came into ZEN asking for money (sponsorship) and I told him we had none, the rest was history!

Follow: @trentgrubelmotorsport

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Note to self


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Do what you love


Jim Carrey’s Dad was an accountant because being an accountant was the “safer” job. When Carrey was 12 his Dad lost his “safe” job and that fucked everything.

I’ve only ever run businesses which were directly related to my hobbies. IE: Stuff I was obsessed about. For example; I created a bike forum as I was mad about cycling. When I got off the bike I had more than a few people ask why they were a part of the bike community I had created, why were they wearing the brand and hanging out on the forums when the guy who created and runs the business doesn’t even ride anymore?!

Hobbies come and go. I got sick of starting a new business every time I got into a new hobby. Each time I started a new business it would take off (as expected as I do generally give things 110%), but over time I’d move on to new hobbies and new businesses only to find myself feeling guilty for taking benefits from these communities that my heart wasn’t in anymore.

ZEN GARAGE is an umbrella business. It encompasses all of my hobbies. The concept is to simply push, post and promote whatever it is I am into at this very moment. I am ALWAYS crazy about something, so I figure that if I can post exactly what it is I’m into RIGHT NOW, through ZEN, then I would never ‘get over’ or ‘get bored’ of this brand AND I can stay true as fuck as I’d be genuinely promoting what I love (right now).

7 years of running ZEN in this way has been far from boring. We’ve had huge ups and huge downs. Is the brand future proof? I doubt it, but there’s definitely a sense of longevity due to being more true to what I love.

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Your ABN has expired


Turns out my Australian Business Number has been expired for 5 years. Don’t ask me how, or why, fact is I have no idea. Fact is I’ve never gotten my head around business, or most things to do with it like GST, loopholes, forms, bills, it all feels like a conspiracy to me.

I remember a math game in primary school where we played I shot the sherif. The class was split into 2 lines. The 2 kids up the front would do a cowboy math shoot out, with guns drawn the teacher would yell out a math equation; “3 X 5 = ” and whoever was fastest to get the answer right shot the other down. I was always nervous as I got closer to the front because I didn’t know math. Instead I’d just focus my eyes really hard on the lips of the kid across from me and as they yelled out the answer I’d try my best to lip read and beat them at saying the number first, hey I even won a few rounds, so sad right?!

In high school I realised I really couldn’t do math. When it was time to get exam results I’d try my best to be confident and hope I’d get a decent mark but I failed every single math exam from year 7-11 and in year 12 I elected to drop math entirely, not even electing to take on 1 unit math (which the boys called Maths in Space).

Speaking of exams, the Higher School Certificate (HSC) exam in year 12 fucked me up hard. I failed my Yr 11 exams, which counted towards my HSC so my parents got me ‘at home’ tuition all throughout year 12. I hated it but it worked. I got 90’s in a couple of subjects which brought my final result to 74.5 TER.

I vowed after the HSC that I would never ever do another exam in my life again ever.

I spent 4 years studying a Bachelor of Design at the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts (UNSW COFA). No exams, everything was submission based which was great. I came outta there like a bat on fire as I took a gamble on web design. Right place at the right time. Before too long I was in amongst the Dot-Com Boom (AKA dot-com bubble) making 6 figures and pushing to make more with little to no idea what I was doing.

I ran a couple of design studios, founded the Australian INfront, monetised JDMST and VWG forums, Co-Founded ZEN Garage and have pretty much been doing graphic design work on the sidelines as a freelancer ever since I was in uni. I’m pretty fucking awesome in a meeting. I know how to get work but I have NO IDEA how to run a business. I have no idea about bookwork. I suck at using a calendar. I suck with numbers in general.

I don’t get how I can glance at the ZEN Garage online cart sales and see hundreds of thousands made, but only $5k left in the bank at the end of each year. I don’t get how I can sell $5000 of stickers and T’s at my car meet in cash, but not pocket the cash as it all needs to go through the bookwork. I don’t understand that everyone seems to tell me that I need to work the system and find loopholes in order to succeed, or find a ‘dodgey’ accountant that can get the max tax back each year.

It just feels to me like there’s always been a conspiracy against running small business in Australia, like everybody is just trying to make a decent buck, but the Government seem hell bent on taking too big a chunk. It feels far from something great, far from the ‘grass roots’ way of doing business which I prefer.

Business could be a positive word, but right now it just feels yuck. You know that slightly annoying guilty gut feeling you get when you look at porn? Like you KNOW something’s not right? Like you KNOW it’s dirty? I feel the same way when I look at the Government.

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Over it…


Facebook banned me again?!?! The day I choose to go cold turkey too. Fucking so over it. This Politically Correct/censorship culture is changing the world, this is happening right now, it’s happening in real time.

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ZEN PODCAST #016 – Catalina Briceno

SO awesome to have Photographer and Artist Catalina Briceno on the show. Cat’s an amazing woman and I’ve really enjoyed seeing her work progress over the years.

We discuss the importance of finding your drive, creative inspiration, directing models, relationships, feminism, racism and Cat’s transformation from party girl to Artist.


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Star & I get Tattoos by Macy at Tora Sumi








Macy was AMAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
Follow: @macytattoos

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