Clay Shooting

How’s my stance? Olympic Champ Suzy Balogh from Hitting Targets was an awesome instructor!

Love it when the shells pop out!


Little Shirley, big gun!

Jingers taking aim.

Mead looked the part.


Alissa, striking a pose.

The controller which launches the clays.

B’Day boy Eddie at the ready.

Eddie’s Instagram is one that I actually love following, check it out (you’ll understand what’s going on in this picture!):

Finished off with a great pub meal at The Historic Como Hotel.

Lovely place, shame about all the power lines!

Celebrated Eddie’s B’Day with Clay Shooting yesterday. Have never shot a gun before (was inevitable, right?!), was mad fun. I loved it!

I got there a little early, and walking around the car park seeing so many guys with guns out just felt so surreal. Seeing guns on picnic tables, guns everywhere! Shooting and hitting targets was actually easier than I thought it would be (I was prepared to not hit a thing!). Recoil wasn’t bad at all (was worse in my mind), though it was funny watching it catch a few people off guard! Ejecting shells is mad! Smells so good too! Highly recommend it for anyone who’s never had a go, we all paid around $100/head and they use competition bullets made in Italy, considering they’re about $1.50/$2/bullet and you get 40 or so shots, that’s great value!

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4 Responses to Clay Shooting

  1. Richard Ma says:

    How did you find clay shooting? Is it as hard as it looks?That’s pretty interesting the gunpowder smells good, hows that compared to exhaust haha?

  2. lemmiwinks says:

    Elbow up! ;-) Clay shooting is brilliant fun, but like all the best funs, not cheap. 10/10 would recommend.