Deathtrap Project V2 Donor Bike

Fuji Feather.

Lovely headbadge features mount fuji and feather logo + stamped “Made in Japan”.

Moustache bars!

Alloy Suntour 7-GT rear derailleur.

French made Huret front derailleur.

And shifters.

Last week I found this vintage Fuji Feather on eBay. I put a bid on it, and won it for $56 which I think is a bargain (56 is my house number too!).

I’ve since done some research on it and from my finding’s it’s about as old as I am. From the mid 70’s. It’s got a Suntour 7-GT rear derailleur, one of the first derailleurs to feature alloy bits and it’s also got Huret parts on it, a French brand I’d never heard of before. Unfortunately it’s got 27inch wheels which makes converting it to a single speed a little harder than a new 700c with a rear cassette. I might see how I go keeping them. I have a spare 700c wheelset too so I’ll also test to see if the brake pads will come down enough to make the 700c wheelset work.

She’s heavy but she rides lovely, even with a flat front tyre. Brakes well too. Work on the motorised conversion starts ASAP!

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One Response to Deathtrap Project V2 Donor Bike

  1. lemmiwinks says:

    Forged dropouts. That’s a quality frame. I’ll give you a frame if it saves that one from an angle grinder.

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