Din Tai Fung

“How to get the skin so thin?!”. Hands down, best Xiao Long Bao in Sydney.

William and Yan.

Zi, Charlie and myself.


Had a glass of soy drink. Reminded me a lot of my childhood where dad always ordered me a glass when eating out at Chinese restaurants.

Colin, Mei and Nicole (didn’t trust myself with bringing the GF1 so I took the IXUS instead, crap crap crap!).

The boys have been trying to organise a dinner with Yan (ex work mate at Buddy Club) for a few weeks and it somehow came together last night (amazing!). The plan was originally to hit Wagaya, but they were booked out so we went to Din Tai Fung instead.

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2 Responses to Din Tai Fung

  1. Roberto Gomez says:

    Best wonton and dumplings i have ever had, just went there last thursday and definitely wont be the last time i go there. Its more than worth the wait to get in.

  2. I went there last weekend too, the food is great over there, but I hate waiting on the line for so long ….><….