Elf & Taco at The Cannery

Late lunch with Hawko at The Cannery.

Mango Sorbet and Coconut and Lychee Gelato. SO happy to have a Messina within walking distance!

Hawko and I had a late lunch on Sunday. Everything was pretty much shut at The Cannery except for Elf & Taco. The first question I asked the guy at the counter was “are the Taco’s spicy hot?”, he replied that he could make them spicy or not, so I ordered a couple. Turns out the non-spicy tacos they serve are still pretty spicy and had me sweating (I’m allergic to chilli and sweat profusely when I eat it!).

The guy who served me was SUPER sorry. He offered to make me a burrito for free (I had already finished my meal at this point). I let him know that it was totally AOK, but he insisted on giving me a free food voucher for my next visit. Very nice of him!

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