Facebook Fraud

I get heaps of people asking me for tips and help in regards to getting more facebook likes to their pages. It’s a strange game that a lot of people are playing (kinda sad the more you think about it).

When you run a facebook page there’s a permanent facebook advertisement prompting the page owner to “Get More Likes”. Yes, paying facebook for likes.

Sometimes you have to go with your gut. We’ve NEVER once paid for likes on Zen Garage and after watching this video I’m bloody glad we haven’t!!!

Not to suggest Facebook is in fact fraudulent, but glad to be avoiding the drama of it all. Those running pages, and looking for more engagement, be sure to watch this vid, it could just save you some money AND prevent the death of your page’s reach.

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One Response to Facebook Fraud

  1. Richard Ma says:

    Yeah, it’s quite a grey area. I mean, while there is large usage on Facebook, it’s also completely separate from your website and content. I’ve begun to shy away from using social media and I think you got the right approach which is developing kickass content people want to see, which in turn naturally creates organic traffic anyway.

    By the way, I saw an EP3 whizzing around with your logo on the rear windscreen! Top stuff!