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It’s been interesting to read some of the feedback in relation to the podcast I did with young 20yr old Lachlan Doherty earlier this week.

I checked out Lachy’s facebook feed to go hunting for comments on our video, but I had to scroll past a shit tonne of memes he’d posted since we did our podcast. What’s the go with posting a few memes a day? What’s the go with memes?!

I finally scroll down enough to find where he had posted our podcast and wow the feedback… it’s troll city. Memes of the podcast, his “mates” paying him out. A girl suggesting she wanted to listen but on finding out it was 2hrs long decides to mock it as it’s too long… on top of that I get private messages from a young guy who says I’m not Australian and that there’s a right wing movement growing of native white European descendant Australians getting the shits that guys like me are representing Australia.

Lachy seemed like a pretty mature 20yr old, but the reality is that he’s surrounded by immaturity and it’s sad to see tbh. It may be a joke to them, but I see it as bullying, patronising, negative, a waste of time and energy and above all just bad vibes.

I 100% feel for any young person trying to “make it” as it must be harder than ever to surround yourself with good people these days (not to mention burning bridges is something you get better with with age so it may take young people a LOT longer to ditch “friends” who are really just cloak and dagger mates that will stab you in the back when the time is right).

Lesson learned: Keep young kids off my podcast.

Original Podcast:

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