Feelin better already :)

On Friday Suga took a day off work, we thought we’d head out to the Hunter for the day. McDonalds breakfast, an essential part of any road trip!

Our chariot.


The first vinyard we stopped at was Bimbadgen. We tasted a fair few wines and got pretty pissed. We also bought 12 bottles to take home.

Tree at Peppers Convent.

Home made bread. I was a bit Mr. Grumpy bum all day, the traffic on the way home didn’t make me feel any better, but I felt better once we got to my sisters house, her and Richie cooked us up a lovely dinner and we couched out for a bit.

I found this note on a car in the city (not mine), lovely, there are still some Sydney people who care.

The best Laksa in Sydney? Big call.

We stumbled into a crowd on Martin Place, turns out all the V8 supercar cars and stars were there, the star of the show for me, and many others, was this GTR pace car.

I was shocked to see the whole of Pitt St. under major construction, the city never stays familiar for long when you rarely visit it.

Later that afternoon Christina had a surprise B’day pressie for me (I hate surprises). Turns out it was a chopper flight!


Whoo hoo let’s go!

Can we go to Maroubra? Sure! Flying over our home.

Maroubra Beach.

Our pilot Christian.

Prime real estate: Waverly cemetary.


Our harbour.

So the flight: Taking off was THE best part, hovercraft describes it well, car of the future does too. Just awesome. I felt a bit queasy at some points but it wasn’t so bad. Another highlight was when Christina asked our pilot Christian whether he knew Vic Larusso (Channel 10’s traffic helicopter newsman), Laughs all round!

This morning I got up at 5.30AM and drove out to the mountains to join the BMU crew for a run on the Oaks trail. Our group was 13 large. Awesome!

Waiting for the train.

On the train. Was a great ride, always is! The drive home was a little long and tiring, but I’m satisfied, and happy (again). :) What a great weekend!

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