Field Trip Melbourne

Cheese! Nanami and I caught the same early flight out as Damien, my Aus Infront partner.

Nana and I on the plane, ready to go.

We scored a newer Qantas plane with personal screens. I selected The Pirelli Calendar Saga and was shocked that they didn’t edit out any of the tits and ass! Bit embarrassing and there were kids sitting behind us so I quickly changed channels.

Goodbye Sydney!

Aus Infront crew (Damien, myself and Zann). We headed straight to Lamington Drive to hook up with Zann and find out what our agenda was for the day.

There’s always something awesome on show at Lamington Drive.

Jeremy’s whippet.

And his mate :)

Zann had set up a temp office @ JW, he was in the Matrix working on the new Aus Infront web site (set to launch mid May).

We brought along more goodies for the Field Trip tote bags and the Jacky Winter Group team were quick to get cracking on getting the bags filled up.

The Music Issue – Desktop’s best issue yet (in my opinion). Find it at your local newsagent now.

We then headed direct to ACMI.

Zann and I in the theatre waiting for the tote bags to arrive.

All hands were on deck to offload 400+ tote bags.

Our Infront T’s (featuring our new logo) arrived too.

Nana and I hit up Degraves to grab some lunch. This Pizza from Lorca was perfect.

We then stayed off the main roads and went rummaging (best thing to do in Melbourne!) we came across a big bearded dude putting up photocopied signs on a door. He mentioned that Ferdydurke is a new bar (run by the guys at Section 8) opening up soon, the bar wasn’t ready but he invited us up to check it out (awesome right?!). Loved the decor, can’t wait to go back when it’s finished.

Bao hit to refuel us for more rummaging.

Later that night we braved the queue to dine at Mamasita’s.

Menu was in Mexican which made it a little hard to order, place was a bit pretentious but the food was alright.

DAY 2 – 7AM SHARP we were at ACMI setting up the theatre for Field Trip. First jon was to place all 400 tote bags on chairs!

Was more of a workout that we had imagined!

Next thing we knew it was 9AM and registration was open.

9.15AM and the theatre doors were opened.

The big screen above the stage.

Jeremy opened the show with some hilarious memes up on the big screen. This particular slide explained the process concept of Field Trip!

Charlotte’s been a massive help with Field Trip and being her Birthday, Jeremy got everyone to sing Happy Birthday for her (very sweet).

I found it near impossible to take shots of the presentations, but here’s a before and during shot of Illustrator Travis Price’s presentation to give you an idea of what the conference was all about.

Seeing everyone on stage creating artwork was too much for Nanami, who found it too hard to resist scribbling in her sketchpad.

Tin & Ed on the stage.

Jeremy wrapping up the event.

DAY 3 – The view from the Grand Hyatt.

We spotted a massive queue outside a tiny dumpling shop on Little Bourke St. so we decided to join in on the action.

The pan friend pork dumplings were awesome!

More rummaging led us to La Belle Miette, a shop that sold nothing but macarons (my favorite!).


Pistachio + Raspberry!

That night we hit St Kilda to dine at Cicciolina’s. There was a 2hr wait (!) but luckily they have a fantastic back bar and we ordered this amazing antipasto plate to tide us in until dinner (which was very late, but great!).

DAY 4 – On a tip from Desktop Magazine’s Editor Brendan McKnight, we hit Manchester Press for brunch.

We had to wait for a table, loved how they wrote our names on the brick outside.

Nanami’s coffee! So cute! Best coffee consumed on this trip, by far.

Happy Nana.

They’re known for their bagels. This one’s the Chorizo Bagel.

And this was the Salmon Bagel. The shop fit-out was awesome too. Lovely recycled feel was spot on.

We managed to squeeze in cocktails and a snack @ Chin Chin before heading to the airport.

Just got back (last night) from Field Trip Creative Conference in Melbourne. Happy to say it was a great success! Official shots from the event should be up soon. In the meantime you can check the tweets.

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