Fitting Toyo Tyres at Gordon Leven Motorsport – ZEN Rocket Bunny 180SX

M5 > M7 > M4 > Emu Plains.

Cordy’s R32. Click here for a feature we did!

Thickness. You can always bet on seeing something porn at a motorsport shop!

Oh hai! It took 5 months for these custom order MS1’s to come in from WORK Japan.

Boy was the wait worth it! They’re drop dead gorgeous wheels. Much thanks to Leo from JDM Concept for helping us gain sponsorship from WORK Japan.

Spotted! Our bad boys on the shelf.

Heat treating R888R’s!

We were chuffed to have Motorsport veterans Gordon Leven and Bill Pearson fit the tyres to our wheels today. Legends have legendary stories so we went fishing and came up with some pearlers! One story involved a customer John Gale who brought in his Surtees TS9B F1 race car (driven by James Hunt). He needed the rear tyres on his magnesium rims replaced, but the rear rims were so wide the guys had to modify their tyre machines on the fly to make it happen.


Out came the big guns!

The guys commended these WORK wheels on having a good safety contour (outer bead seat area) which made for easy tyre fitting and should prevent the bead from slipping and air escaping, even in motorsport conditions


Specs: We’ve gone for a staggered set of TOYO PROXES R888R’s. 245/40/18 in the front and 255/35/18 in the rear.

The custom WORK Meister M1’s we ordered for our ZEN Rocket Bunny 180SX 5 months ago have finally landed from Japan and Cordy and I┬áheaded straight out to Emu Plains to visit Gordon Leven Motorsport Tyres to get a set of staggered Toyo Tyres Proxes R888R semi-slicks fitted!

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