Frank Paino back from Peter at Star Enamellers

My baby is back and she’s looking better than ever.

Peter did a great job, the little black marks are from the sweater I had wrapped around her whilst she was in the car. Peter confirmed the frame is made of Columbus SLX as well as the forks. Nice. What a super nice guy. He charged me $215. If he ever needed a web site, or cards done I’d do it for free but he said he’s so damn busy. Looks like word of mouth does him just fine.

Peter – Star Enamellers
24 Exceller Ave, Bankstown, NSW 2200
p: (02) 9790 1025

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3 Responses to Frank Paino back from Peter at Star Enamellers

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  2. jay yeeram says:

    Hey mate. I see your located at bankstown and respray bikes. Ive been looking for someone to do a respray for a womans vintage single speed bike. Its currently red. I need it baby blue. Its for a christmas gift.
    Possible to do it? If so how much? I can pay for taking off parts and putting them back on etc my number is 0406351401.

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