Fuel 4 Charity 2013






Fuel 4 Charity was a great success (phew!!!!). I’d been stressing about it for weeks. $30 for charity was a bit steep for many of the kids in our community. It was a big ask as most kids still live at home, and being into cars, they’re naturally broke! But the sun was out and thankfully people came out to play.

We raised over $9,000 for charity. Short of the massive $25k dream we initially had, but it’s money raised by individuals in the community without the help of any major corporate sponsors. For that I’m really really proud.

We’d still like to push for $10k so we’ll be raffling off a few goodies this week. Im sure we’ll get there.

More pics on Zen: http://zengarage.com.au/2013/07/fuel-4-charity-2013/

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