Funny MSN

I have a little sticky note on my desktop where I paste in funny MSN conversations which literally make me laugh out loud. Here’s a few recent ones:

matthew willis says:
we would love a girl to balance things out but not going to take the chance of having another boy. shit man – 3 boys… that would be nuts!

justin says:
many little nuts
matthew willis says:

Christina says:
what was on oprah

justin says:
Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts new film
justin says:
They were both on the couch sucking Oprahs cock

Jing says:
59kg for me depending if i crapped

justin says:
1kg crap?
justin says:
You must be full of shit
Jing says:
just went for a bike ride

justin says:
And theeeeeeeeennnnn? says:
lol says:

Day after Zi’s 1st ever mountain bike ride:
z10@JDMyard says:
legs are ok ass is fucked..

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