She’s all mine.

When I was working at MC Cyclery I got told off for taking way too long to build a bike from a box, but it took me 4hrs put this bike together. Not because I was in a rush, but because I was geeking the fuck out and savouring the entire process!

I’ve set the seatpost a little lower than usual. It’s a whack seatpost, insanely hard to adjust (not to mention I have to take the rear wheel off to tighten the bolt with the supplied torque tool) and I would much prefer having a dropper on there, but I’ll at least try it out as I’ve heard it really does do a good job with absorbing bumps. You can’t see it in this profile shot, but the tyres are super chunky, the bike is so light and god damn the wheelset is so porno!

I need to duck into a local bike shop to buy some tools (again, kicking myself that I threw out my bike stand and tools in the move). Mainly some grease for the pedals (I’ve only just lightly threaded them on for the photo), and also a crank removal tool for the Wahoo which came with an 11-speed cassette which doesn’t play well with my Reign’s 9-speed).

PS: That strange cloud formation in the sky has been posted all over social media today. Turns out it’s a rare rotor cloud.

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