Growing Grounds Australia

I want it all.

One of these is mine (I’ll post pics of my haul tomorrow!).

A little while back I stumbled upon a YouTuber who goes by Sydney Plant Guy. He has some awesome indoor plants with HUGE leaves. I was curious to know whether he ever sells his plants, or cuttings, and in one video he mentioned that he does at a place called Growing Grounds.

I then found a video of him visiting Growing Grounds and interviewing the owner AJ. I checked out the Growing Grounds web site and pulled the trigger on 3 plants for my cabinet. I chose to pick up the plants (so I could check out the shop!), turns out the shop is where AJ lives, and she’s converted the long driveway into her garage into a greenhouse, which was AMAZING!

AJ was awesome, super chatty and helpful. Loved her energy. Turns Alex, the owner of More Plants down the road from my new apartment, is one of AJ’s best friends! It’s all making sense! Everything is fitting in nicely! It looks like I’m in great hands.

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