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The perfect “BEFORE” shot. Pretty sure this is gonna change over time!

My first controller, a Korg nanoPAD2.

I was kinda hoping I’d get back into painting this year, but noooo. Looks like the music bug has bitten pretty hard. I’ve been meaning to write music again, ever since the band broke up all those years ago. Having a stab at electronic music with Star has me in a spin!

It’s so easy, which makes me feel so guilty. Unlike being in a rock band, you’ve not got to worry about timing, the synching and note/pitch editing and tuning makes it all so ridiculously fun!!!

I was looking around for a midi keyboard and found the Korg nanoPAD2 for $80 at JB Hi-Fi. Ved and I dropped in to Leichhardt to buy it but no, not in stock, Ved then remembered a much larger music section in Paramatta JB so we made the hike out and nope, not in stock! We dropped into another JB, no luck, then Allans Billy Hyde and still no luck, but Ved was on a mission, and when he gets that way… LOL, it’s a force to behold!

There was one more shop to try; Drum Factory. The shop was above the Guitar Factory, a dark jungle of cables and racks of blinking gear. This older guy in a Korg T-Shirt appeared out of the mist and when Ved showed him a photo of what we were looking for he vanished again only to come out with one in hand. A fair bit more expensive than JB, but hey I’m happy to support the smaller shops AND have it in my hands to play with!

PS: I’m laughing at my minimalist “set-up”. So far; my MacBook Pro (it’s a good start actually), the Korg nanoPAD2 and some Sennheiser HD 471i closed headphones. I’m laughing because I’m sure I’ll acquiring much more gear (it’s inevitable!!!).

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