(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction


I’ve spent a good part of today re-working the thumbnails on the Threesome. web site (again!), giving logos more space on each thumbnail. I’ve also started going on a deleting spree on my own personal Instagram.

With my Instagram there are shots that I love, then there are shots that I loooooove. I’ve been deleting shots, silly hash tags (which were a sad attempt to gain more followers as I was still reeling from deleting my previous account of over 13k followers) and silly image descriptions too.

I’ve never been so tight with what I post. Lots of the time I post multiple images from a set as soon as I’ve completed it, but in retrospect it’s probably better to post multiple images from a set into a single multiple image post. I suppose I’m starting to treat Instagram more like a portfolio.

Shot selection is driving me nuts! The designer hat isĀ on tight.

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