Queen Anthurium

Queen Anthurium.

The goal is to successfully grow and own a mature Queen Anthurium, a rare (VERY expensive) plant that has amazing foliage.

Of all places, a Diablo Immortal Australia Clan member sent me a screen grab of a baby queen for ‘quick sale’ by a guy named Atian Tsai on Facebook. I was willing to jump on it for $150, but then I found out the guy selling it was in QLD. Old mate then told me that Atian sends orchids from QLD to WA so shipping shouldn’t be an issue. I reached out to Atian, transaction was made and I now have the plant!

Atian sent me a LONG message to say how hard baby queens are to keep alive. It was pretty gloomy and doomy, but the plant arrived in great condition. The humidity is sitting really nice at 80+ in my cabinet. I’m feeling hopeful!

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