JBJ 20 Frag Tank

And I have always wanted a succulent garden like this (I’ll still get there one day!).

Despite really trying hard to not buy another tank; I bought another tank.

It has rounded corners, which some people absolutely love, personally I’m not a fan.

The tank is a nice little all in one design with a spacious compartment out the back for heaters and gear and a filter too which returns via a spray bar that sits under the frag rack. PS: Comes with a foam pad to go under the tank too, very nice!

Rear compartment. Bag of filter media in the middle, a bag of carbon at the very bottom on chamber on right which also has a huge sponge.

Edge on the left, and maybe the frag tank will sit on my kitchen bench on the far right, although I’m now reading that it’s bad Feng Shui to have an aquarium in your kitchen!

Some acquired gear.

And some fragging gear too.

I’ve bought another tank. LOL! I’m keen on starting a frag tank. What’s a frag tank? Frags are “fragments” of corals. IE: Fish geeks world wide cut off bits of their growing corals and glue them down onto frag plugs, they then distribute these amongst other fish geeks. Really sweet if you think about it as it’s culturing livestock without taking from the ocean (in most cases the frags are stronger and more suited to aquarium life than wild taken species too).

I’ve always wanted a succulent garden, and so I’m taking the concept of a succulent garden, but I’ll be using frags of corals instead of succulents in pots, and my frag tank is my sunny outdoor deck to display my succulents on.

JBJ 20 Frag Tank:
Pump (1000LPH/266GPH)
75 Litres (20 Gallons)
6 mm Bent Glass
Dimensions: 50cm x 60cm x 22cm (20″ x 24″ x 9″)
Center Filter Chamber Dimensions: 34cm x12cm x 22cm (13.5” x 5” x 9”)
Left and Right Filter Chamber Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm x 22cm (5” x 5” X 9”)

Jebao RW-4
Aquael 100W heater

What I still need:
– A light. I’ve been talking to Dave from Nano Box about a Duo (best logical choice). I’ve also been talking to the guys at Ultrabright who made the LED unit on my Fluval Edge. They have a new light coming out they want me to check out. My heart though is with the Kessil 160. I like the way it looks, it’s proportions. It’s not got enough spread to reach the very corners of the tank but I’m thinking that’s OK (and will look nice).

– A location! I’m still not 100% sure where to put it!

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