JDMST EOMM February 2011

Fresh paint AND glow in the dark wheels!

Worked Civic.

Mavis St. Cafe guys. Feeding the masses.

John from go2space rocked up with heaps of Castrol goodies to give away in a raffle.

Castrol shirts, jackets, fluids and stickers up for grabs!

Kudos to John and the girls for standing under the bitey sun for so long (there were so many prizes to hand out!).

On the way home. Always nice to see the plane’s go overhead.

Hot day out! I had all intentions to bring the GT-R out to this months JDMST End Of Month Meet, but after feeling how hot it was by the beach I figured it would be 10 degrees hotter out west, wimped out (no-aircon) and took the GTI instead! Great to meet some new people this time around, awesome catching up with some of the usual suspects too (not enough time if anything).

LOTS of photographers out today so be sure to check out this thread on JDMST for heaps more photos.

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