JDMST EOMM September 2011

Babs’ immaculate 964. I could really fall in love with the lines of this car. Loved sitting in it too, otherworldly!

What a beauty.

NA sitting so low, looked so tiny next to the WRX next to it.

Hey nice Falcon!

Always so nice to see an RX3 off the drag strip.

Dishy Work Meisters on this VR6.

Toyota Serra. A rare sight.

Track spec S15. My fave S15 on the night.

Widebody Honda City.

NA running a fat set-up with lots of neg camber.

My fave STI on the night, so low, so right.

Fresh from last week’s Drift GP!

Gorilla Supra still donning time attack warpaint.

Ryan’s Cressy.

R34 GT-R looking more and more track spec. Love the Z-Tune front guards, lots.

Decent meet last night at EQ. So many really nice cars, heaps more photos here.

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