JDMST EOMM x TL-D x Garage 88 Grand Opening


Garage 88 FD Civic.

Steak sandwich was next level!

Candy store.

Yesterday I made the call to not run the Zen Garage stall at the JDMST EOMM today. I’ve been feeling a bit run down (can’t afford to get the flu!) and I just wanted, for a change, to just enjoy the meet. Turn up late, check out the cars, talk to a few people and leave early.

Perfect weather today and despite double demerits the troops came out in force. I’m pretty sure everyone present was impressed with new shop Garage 88, both the premises as well as the well organised day. Food served was next level and tunes were great too.

What many missed out on was a shop tour. It’s seriously JDM heaven up there and I felt like a kid in a candy store! I snapped a few shots of the shop (which is still a work in progress). Many more pics here.

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