Jing’s 30th @ The Entrance

Matt and Alissa picked me up from Zen at around lunch time and we set off for The Entrance. We got to the holiday house first, did some food shopping and started smashing beers before everyone else got in.

We freaked the shit out of Jing with party poppers on entry. He didn’t know we were all going to be there! Eddy’s got a hilarious video of his reaction recordered on a go-pro. I’ll see if he can get it up on youtube (it’s sooo good!).

Jing scored these Y3 boots, and some rad snowboarding gear (he doesn’t snowboard lol) and also a Justin Beiber watch, which was presented in a genuine Bell & Ross watch packaging (lol).

The boys got pretty rowdy and smashed beers, then shots of Sambucca and Hennessy, we then picked up our rods and did a bit of night fishing.

We saw the people next to us pick up a 40cm catfish, weed was all we managed to get though (and we lost quite a few beers which dropped into the ocean, accidentally of-course!).

What’s going on here?!

Dizzy walk back home, empty handed.

When Jing jumped in the shower before bed we ran outside and fucked up his new Audi with eyelashes.

A bonnet scoop.

Front and rear batman badges.

Flashing LED lights and rainbow gay family stickers.

Next morning I was pretty hung over despite dunking a berocca before bed. The bacon ($20 worth of it!) helped though.

Little Ethan, he’s the calmest baby I’ve ever met. Such a rad kid!

A sign on our gate at the house.

Brandon’s EVO. Love the Thule storage box!

Kevin’s Golf GTI Edition 35, Eddie’s new Murano and Jing’s A4 Allroad.

We then went for a fish in a different location.

The boys managed to catch a few baby brims (all of which were let go). Me? I nursed my hangover by sunbathing and burnt the fuck out of my chest (the only place I forgot to put lotion on!).

Jody and Ethan.

Fishing brought on a craving for eating fish and chips so we headed back to the main beach for lunch.

Spotted on the side of the road, what a monster!

Spotted this lovely Hillman in the carpark and gave the owner a thumbs up.

Ethan chilling out in the shade. After lunch we tried a different fishing spot which again saw us catching baby brim.

As expected, everyone had rad cameras!

Sunset out on the deck.

Chilling out before dinner.

BBQ feast!

Later that night we did another spot of night fishing. Eddie pulled up this Mono (quite a popular brackish water aquarium fish).

Brim caught was bigger, but still not legal size.

Oh shit!

Jing and Shirley – The next morning we finished off all our food, cleaned up the house then headed to the driving range for a hit.

Matt – Happy Gilmore!

My first 2 hits were awesome, then I lost it (thinking too much!). PS: The T-Shirt I’m wearing was a $10 impulse buy at the local mall. It reads “Grump Old Man!”. Haha.

Shane’s Supra! We headed back in to town for lunch and spotted at least 30 or so Supras, amongst them Shane’s Gorilla Supra (couldn’t find him anywhere unfortunately).

Seafood platter was delicious.

Got back earlier this afternoon from a great weekend away at The Entrance with the BMU boys (and their partners… I was the 3rd wheel!). Great times, heaps of laughs and many feasts too. I’m super burnt, and I’m starving right now as I’ve got a completely empty fridge! More photos on instagram @justinfoxau

PS: Jing’s pics and the entire trip from his perspective are up on his great blog now. Visit: http://jingers.wordpress.com/2013/02/17/30th/

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