Lake Crackenback

Suga surprised me a few months back with a trip for 2 to Lake Crackenback for our 2 year anniversary. We just got back from our lovely little trip to the snowy mountains, here are some pics:

Before we set off on our 6-hour drive we dropped into Barloword to check out Suga’s new R32 Golf which will be ready on Monday. She’s pretty exited about it!

So fat from the rear.

We’re here at last…

Bug out!

The drive was long, but being a Friday, there wasn’t much traffic at all. The postcard scenery from our balcony (which was right on the lake) was amazing. You can still see snow on the mountains too.


Hello hello bike hire! We came just in time for great weather, but just a bit too early for the new 2009 Giant Halos, which were still in boxes waiting to be built up, but we hired some Trek hardtails which were crap, but still did the job and made us appreciate our bikes back home that little bit more.

Giant Halo’s (+ beer) waiting to be built up.

Lake Crackenback has a little skills park to play in. It’s so cool. A few beams, berms and some technical rock structures to play on.

Berms and jumps.


Me having a go at the technical rock climbing.

And log riding.

The guys at Lake Crackenback have just built a scenic single trail around the whole resort which takes about an hour to complete.

You can see the trail is still pretty green.

The trail leads you down to a beautiful lake at the base of the mountains. If only we brought our swimmers!

We spotted this guy fly fishing for trout.

The postcard scenery was amazing.

Snow on the mountains – Thredbo was literally 10 minutes down the road but a comeplete ghost town at this time of year.

We stumbled onto a Triumph car show at Thredbo. This car was happy to see us :)

Great cars, we were checking out colour schemes in particular as Suga’s about to build up a custom road bike (that’s another story!).

The resort also had a 9 hole golf course which was heaps of fun. Suga’s 1st game and she was super frustrated (and super cute). PS: Nice golf boots!

We came across some roos, and these brumbies were in the way of hole 4.

Early dinner at Jindabyne, which was also a ghost town this time of year. I loved that everything was dead, and that we were there off-season, made the whole trip more fun.

We missed our chance to do an organised night walk to check out the wombats (we saw so many wombat caves everywhere during our ride) but the kiddies bikes weren’t locked up so we stole them for a little night ride instead lol.

Our apartment had a nice little open fireplace.

The package included a buffet breakfast in the morning. Buffet breakfast, no matter how shit it is, has to be on my top 5 favorite things in life list for sure.

Suga fondling The Big Merino’s nuts on our way home.

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