Link Dump

Whilst I’m on the bike thing (I promise to get to other things too!) I thought I’d post up some links to great sites which I’ve bookmarked over the past few weeks.

Velo Orange
Chris runs a very focused small business. I love pretty much everything he sells from the funky leather chainstay protectors (I’ve got one on order!) to this very elegant water bottle cage.

Revolution Cycle Jewelry
Jen makes some beautiful bicycle head badges. I can’t wait to design my own one and get her to craft it up for my beastie (though this design would already be pretty damn perfect!).

Love the stuff these guys make. The Folsom is just awesome. I love the sexy gusset and quirky bottle opener under the seat. Fresh!

Cool blog that covers BMX culture, which I love as it’s very much similar to skateboard culture (which I love). Pick up a skate magazine and a BMX magazine and you’ll realise a lot of it’s got to do with style and dynamic photography.

Great Hong Kong based fixie focussed blog. Although most other cycling cultures are far from BMX and Skateboarding culture, fixie culture is pretty much there. Also check: funny article on being a fixie clone, fast boy fenders make very nice wooden fenders, Cadence makes nice things.

Toy around with designing your own bicycle with BikeCAD which works online if you have Java installed. Lots of fun and Jing and I are contemplating making out own bikes as we have the right contacts in the automotive industry to make it all happen.

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