Losing is losing


It’s hard to lose in an age where coming dead last wins you a participation award.

My team recently got invited to pitch for a $30k job. Long story short, we lost it.

We’ve had a week now to digest the loss. Looking back, we went from; being excited to be working on a product that was good for the world, to putting together an amazing team of creatives which we respect to help us execute this job as best we could, to putting a hold on a professional photo studio, to submitting a transparent and itemised proposal, to sitting around for a week with everything crossed with butterflies in our stomachs, to doubt, to confirmation on the loss, to disappointment, anger and sadness.

Highly influential entrepreneur Gary Vee suggests that he fucking loves to lose multi-million dollar pitches as he gets to learn from each loss. With that in mind we’ve tried to get the client to open up and give us feedback on our pitch, if he saw anything wrong with it, and how we could have bettered it. He gave us a few insights on what we got right, but was a little grey about what we got wrong.

So where did it all go wrong? Well, perhaps it didn’t go wrong, and rather than sitting here post loss trying our best to gain wins from losing, maybe just realising that we can’t always win and accepting the loss is the best way forward.

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