Lounge Home Recording Studio

Lounge Studio.

Gearing up!

My Komplete Audio 6 interface.

KRK monitor speakers.

So this is my lounge room studio set-up! I’ve geared up pretty quick, but I think I’ve got all of the basics covered.

The first thing I bought was an audio interface to plug guitars and microphones into (it sits between the instruments and the computer, and also sends sound to my monitor speakers. Garth gave me the heads up on the Komplete Audio 6. It’s a small little metal box, with a massive metal volume knob to control volume of my monitor speakers. I’ve always wanted monitor speakers! Now I’ve got a set of KRK ROKIT 5’s and they’re awesome! I’m in love! The TRS cables I bought to connect them to the interface are too short so I’ll have to buy longer ones.

I also bought a Rode NT1-A condenser microphone, which came with a cage and pop filter. It all looks and feels a bit cheap and nasty, but the reviews out there say they function well. I figured I’d try to keep the mic on the lounge table so I bought a Rode desktop microphone stand and it blows. With the mic set-up as is it’s so front heavy it wants to topple over. I’ll have to look into buying a proper mic stand next spending spree.

I’ve bought some Samson SR850 headphones for mixing down tracks. Great reviews out there, easy on the wallet too. I’ve also got a little Belkin headphone splitter so 2 people can listen in whilst recording.

Last of all I have my Arturia MiniLab controller/keyboard. It comes with software that makes many amazing sounds, but the software isn’t compatible with Garageband, which is what I’m using now, so I’ve just been using it with Garageband’s built in instruments for now (check The Piano Song the post before!).

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