MIJ Squier Stratocaster sold for $650

Sold on Facebook Marketplace.

Really does look like Facebook Marketplace is outdoing eBay these days. Last week I decided to sell off a whole lot of guitars and amps I no longer use and put some up on eBay, some on Facebook and I’ve had a shit ton of views and messages (lots of stupid ones!) on Facebook but no bites at all on eBay.

I sold off the Orange practice amp I bought when I was just getting back into playing earlier this year. It went to a really nice guy who lives in my area who’s just starting out. I think he’ll be really happy with the amp as it’s as new, it’s got reverb built in and a tuner too.

I made the call to flip the Japanese Squier back into a right handed guitar as it was just too uncomfortable to play upside down (massive props to Jimi!). I bought it for $300 (with a Roland amp) many years ago and wanted $600 for it. I put it up for $650 thinking people would want to haggle but as soon as I put it up the messages came flooding in so I thought I’d stick to $650 firm.

It sold to a uni student who’s been after a Japanese Squier for some time. It’s his first Strat too. I think he’s bought into a great investment as the guitar will only go up in price from here, and as it’s not a lefty I doubt I’ll ever miss it (ie: if it was a lefty I’d definitely have kept it!).

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