My 4th Honda Jazz


Spent a bit of time on Carsales every single day for the last month. First with $5k to spend, and later with a $20K budget thanks to Mum (she’s been driving me everywhere for the past few years!).

At $5k I was looking at an NA MX5 or a Yaris, but the $20K budget had me looking at everything from M3’s to Clio Cups… I was losing my mind!

In the end I think I’ve done the grown up thing and bought myself my 4th Honda Jazz, brand new from Suttons City Honda. The sales guy had a hard time (as I wasn’t at all excited about buying another Jazz lol) and we walked out of there with a great deal.

I take delivery of it on Friday if all goes to plan. The 5 year warranty will hopefully stop me from modding it. My next step is to put my mountain bike back together for Loftus rides!

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