My Patreon is coming along


When I shoot with Viv, we now shoot for Patreon, both hers, and mine. Her clients go wild over the stuff, and I’ve had more than a few guys over the years wishing I would send them uncensored photos, so we figure we’d go all out and take some pretty damn saucy stuff for the fans.

I’m now making $442/month on Patreon. This is legitimately helping me out with every day living expenses. I mean, hey! It’s enough to pay for the groceries (I currently only do a food shop every 2 weeks but will start shopping every week!). Thanks to all who have supported me on Patreon. I’ve now got 3 more new girls to shoot who I hope will also let me shoot and upload photos which are too hot for Instagram to my Patreon.

Visit (obviously NSFW!):

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