My Perfect Wedding

OMG it has begun.

Christina made a bee-line for the wedding section at the newsagents this weekend, and yesterday we even checked out a church. A few minutes ago I got an msn message from her to check out an online booking and information page of that said church.

We’ve only been engaged for just under a month. Christina and her mum suggested the 8th of October 2011 but at a family dinner last week the Locks got excited.

Mr Lock would really like a traditional Chinese Wedding, like in the movies he says, with costumed hired help throwing petals… he’d also like us to get it over and done with, and says early next year would be a good date. Mrs Lock agrees, next year would be good. Her friend told her of a great Bollywood style wedding where dancers dragged guests up to dance and she too wants to see Christina wear a traditional Chinese wedding dress. Despite all these suggestions, they insisted that it’s our wedding.


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