Living by the beach has been awesome, but not so awesome for the GT-R.

By not taking my GT-R out at all over the past 5 years it’s truly rusted out as it’s been sitting in a dark and damp garage under my house, out of sight, out of mind.

The past 5 years have been a huge struggle for me in life. I hit rock bottom, contemplated suicide, got on medication, got therapy, got better, got off the medication, got off the weed and only recently have I felt that I’ve finally found my feet again.

Upon inspection it looks like there’s a fair amount of surface rust that has developed on the GT-R since it’s been sitting there for the past 5 years undriven. I can see bubbling in the paint in a lot of places; on the roof edges, door sills, window sills and guards. The wheels have oxidised, there’s mold spots (which wipe away easy but still…) in the interior, the whole car is damp and looks like a barn find…

My car has cancer. I feel both embarrassed and depressed, it’s almost like announcing that I myself have cancer!

How truly bad the rust is I’m not sure but I’ve spoken to Indy at IS Motor Racing, the first step is to get it towed to his workshop and get the car going again.

I’ve done a bit of research on rust and R32 GT-R’s and it seems like a LOT of people all over the world have similar issues. Many have put a LOT of money into rust repair and I totally understand why you would as it’s a GT-R after all, but that would be money I do not have, so I’ve checked R32 GT-R prices on carsales too and GOD DAMN I had NO IDEA how much R32 GT-R’s are worth these days, so doing the unthinkable and selling the car might be on the cards too.

But I’m jumping the gun.

Right now I’m more upset about the rust (and all the things I could have done to prevent it) than the idea of selling the car. But if it does come to selling RB26, cutting my losses isn’t something I’m afraid of, or new to as I’ve been there so many times in my life already.

One step at a time. Indy’s first, then we’ll see.

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