Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – MP10 QuietDrive


Oh man, looks so good in black (previous models were white).

The controller. I’m using Reef Crest mode and at 30% power it’s perfecto!

The MP10 is tiny inside the tank as the motor is on the outside (which also keeps the heat outside of the tank)! Such a smart design.

As you can tell. I’m totally fish geeking out lately! My MP10 wave maker arrived in the mail today! What a relief! It’s been over a month (ordered and paid for it on the 11th of JUNE!). I’m so happy with it (corals are going to be happy too!).

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2 Responses to Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – MP10 QuietDrive

  1. lemmiwinks says:

    Is there a magnetic coupling between (what I assume is) the impeller and the motor on the outside?! I.e. you don’t have a hole in the glass for that right? Magnetic coupling is major cool!