New School Skatey complete

Some goodies for my new school skateboard came in the mail today.

All done.

Ready to skate when you guys are!

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7 Responses to New School Skatey complete

  1. Domenic says:

    Hey Justin, I was just wondering where i could get those “One Less Fixie” stickers from?

    thanks. :)

  2. Paul says:

    I’m waiting for the red topless car. Lol!

  3. Justin Fox says:

    LOL Paul, been there done that with the convertibles ahahaha.


  4. munga says:

    glad you went with indy’s, man..
    i must have had about a dozen different powell decks back in high school, and every one of them had the same indy trucks. best kit i ever bought.

  5. Justin Fox says:

    I actually have never had Indy’s before, always wanted them but my first ever board came with tracker trucks and they never died so I just kept moving them from board to board, they’re still working today! Their base is blue and a hard plastic so I assume they’re pretty light. I’ve still been using the same Bones Swiss bearings from the 80’s too, they still roll good today would you believe?!?!?!

    • munga says:

      nachi black was the shiz.. take off the covers, a puff of graphite powder, and hold on!