NFS x ZEN – Filming the intro with EA Games




Yesterday I spent the day at Hypertune who kindly loaned us (Zen and EA Games) their sexy workshop to film an intro movie for the Need for Speed x Zen Garage S15 Build.

I’m not too bad with speaking to a person on camera, but speaking directly to a camera screwed me over and I kept stuffing up my lines! I had Zen Racer Adam Burgess on hand to help out with the speaking parts though, he saved the day!

EA brought a copy of the game along, a US version fresh in plastic wrapping! We opened it, shoved it in the PlayStation. We made a bee-line through to the stickers to see if the Zen logos are in the final game, and fuck yeah! They’re in the game! So pumped. So psyched!

The NFSZEN S15 will make an appearance at tonight’s EOMM, from there I’ll be driving it home. The project doesn’t officially kick off until next month, but for us, it starts now!

Photos by Selectnine (have so many more I want to post but will refrain for now in case I get into trouble!).

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One Response to NFS x ZEN – Filming the intro with EA Games

  1. Paul says:

    Epic. Congrats mate and well deserved. Stoked for you!