Nightfall: Grandmaster

Destiny 2 21_01_2022 8_51_02 AM

With over 2,500 hours into Destiny 2 you’d think I’d be OK at the game, but truth is I’ve mostly been avoiding the hardest PVE content in the game being Raids and Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes.

Grandmasters arguably require more refined builds and team coordination than any other activity in the game, and Bungie believes that “completion should be the primary metric for success, rather than score or time or another in-activity metric”.

I only needed to do one more Grandmaster for the title and this week’s Grandmaster happened to be “The Corrupted” which is considered to be one of the hardest Grandmasters in the game. This morning I created a random LFG group with 2 guys I’ve never played with, we had no comms (not even chat!) but we got it done first go!

I’ve completed a few Grandmasters since their introduction in 2021, but never earned the Conqueror title (which you get for completing triumphs like using all elements in a Grandmaster and completing 6 different Grandmasters). In going for the title I ended up rage quitting for almost a year (!), but this season I’ve finally got it and yes… it feels fucking good, man!

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