Mounted to my “spare” Fox Flux helmet (it’s Christina’s helmet LOL but shhh don’t tell her).

I finally spent up on some lights. I was hesitant last year, but after a bit more pressure form Jing and Zi, as well as seeing how awesome Tai’s Ayups were last night I dished out on a set of niteriders (yes doesn’t that remind you of the Hoff + Kit?!) today.

I got:
– MiNewt Mini-USB Plus
– MiNewt Mini-USB

The Plus kit includes the helmet attachment kit and an extension lead so you can put the battery for that light in your pack but I’ve chosen to mount the battery on my helmet. The other light is just the normal handlebar mount.

Both kits plug into the wall OR you can choose to simply plug it into your PC via USB. You can leave them plugged in at all times so they are always charged and ready to go. That’s a massive bonus and sold me on these babies as I will just leave thrm both plugged into the PC at all times and they will be ready to go, at all times.

The kit is super well made, simple and very bright! I’m more than happy.

I got it all from MC Cyclery. RRP prices are: $249 (with helmet kit) and $210 (normal kit).

Looking forward to those night rides now. Bring it on!

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