Olixar Leather iPhone 6S Wallet Case





I’ve had my iPhone 6S since Christmas and I love everything about it except the shape. I really miss the more masculine feeling and looking sharp edges of the 5, and damn this thing is so slippery I’ve already dropped it twice!

I thought about a wooden case, and also just a simple rubber case, but then I thought I’d give this a go in an attempt to not carry a wallet around anymore.

We’ll see how I go! I’ll be sure to report back soon.  PS: I got it from here.

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3 Responses to Olixar Leather iPhone 6S Wallet Case

  1. Richard Ma says:

    How you finding the Case so far Justin?

    • Justin Fox says:

      Yo man! Yeah I’ve been using it daily and it’s AOK so far! Will post up another blog update on it soon!

    • Justin Fox says:

      Hey Richard, just a heads up, been using it daily and I really really really really love not having a wallet man! It’s THE BEST!

      Only issue is no space for coins, which I now tend to offload ASAP. Also no space for business cards (mine are thick), all in all, if there was a little bit more room for cards I’d love it even more, but as is I’m keeping it and leaving the wallet for good!