Once upon a bicycle: my first cycling memories

My 1st bike came with training wheels. I eventually took them off, but little did I know the tyres were completely flat! I rode with flat tyres for ages until my Dad realised. He used a pump which he plugged into the cigarette lighter of his car to pump them up and to this day I still remember the feeling of riding it down the footpath with air in the tyres. It was SO FAST!

Cheese! That’s my BFAM Eugene on the right. We literally grew up together since we were toddlers (he was a neighbour in the flat we were living in).

Early high school. Heavy rains caused massive floods in Centennial Park, so whaddya do? You go for a ride that’s what ya do!

Eugene and I. Check out the super strange handlebars we installed on our MTB’s. Inspired by triathlon aero bar setups.

My first Sydney to Wollongong ride was on this lovely roadie which I bought from Europa Cycles. I don’t think I’ve ever worn spandex again since (probably never will!).

I was without a bike for a bit, and Eugene lent me his Shogun Prairie Breaker (was a top spec bike at the time!) for the Sydney to Gong ride (he put slicks on it which helped out lots).

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